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what can we do other than pray?


個展 私たちは祈ることしかできないのに

solo show What can we do other than pray?




2020 年7 月に行った本展示は、明暗ふたつの空間で人々のより原始的な「祈り」をテーマに作品が構成されています。明室では、古来から信仰と関連してきたモチーフとして星や硬貨、毛髪を使用し、ベッドと構成することで、人類の祈りの歴史を回想する空間を表現したいと考えました。


 We have been praying via many different forms: lands, persons, stars, animals, among other things.

I imagine that primitive prayer was the desire to survive, caused by the fears of this enigmatic world and of ourselves in it. In other words, narrating, drawing, or sculpting these motifs could be the acts of reconstructing vague fears into graspable dimensions.

In this exhibition, I attempted to reperceive the world and myself through my works, as people used to wish. Simultaneously, it reminds us that what we can see is not everything.

The theme of my first solo show, which was held on July, 2020, is "primitive prayer".

There were two spaces in this exhibition. In the light room, I intended to express a space that recall the history of human being prayer. I displayed the objects that people have believed in to make our wishes true, for instance stars, coins, hair, and knit.

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