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the fountain


個展 私たちは祈ることしかできないのに

solo show What can we do other than pray?

本作は、2011 年の東日本大震災以降、身近に多発する豪雨や台風等の水災をきっかけに制作し、肉体の不自由さや自然の驚異を感じる今日において、精神的な安定の場所を表現したいと思い制作しました。

In the other room, a wooden girl sits on a carpet.

I started to create her in spring 2019 with the image of “a fountain in woods”.

Since 3.11 disaster in 2011, I have experienced a bunch of serious flood damages and feel nature closer.

In contrast to the situations that we feel the physical inconvenience and the magnificence of nature, I aimed to represent a place where viewers can feel secure mentally.

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