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the Cameos

Jan, 2023

the 71st graduation show

Tokyo University of the Arts



 人類は合理的で洗練された社会を目指す過程で、どれだけたくさんの物事を不要とみなしてきたのでしょう。  私はこうして忘れられた存在に、照明を当てたいと思います。過去のそれらは、現代の私たちとは無関係であると言えるでしょうか?

     This work is inspired by ‘Urashima Taroʼ, which is a well-known folk tale in Japan.  It is derived from China and there is a similar one in Korea as well. The earliest source in Japan is found in a publication of the 8th century. 

      Through over 1300 years, Japan has erased some elements instead of adding moral lessons. For instance, Taro and the goddess originally sailed a boat to Horai Immortal Island. However, the boat was replaced with a turtle in order to teach a moral: One good turn deserves another. 

      The wooden sculptures are the deleted characters of this story. Also, the sounds are a recitation of the earliest tale, and lines I wrote for them. They have easily disappeared although they played supporting roles in expressing the scenes in an exceptional way…

      Similar issues happen in every current society. How many elements have we looked on as worthless in the process of pursuing the rational sophisticated world?     I would like to highlight these forgotten beings.  Who could assert that those pasts are irrelevant to us?

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