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the Souvenirs








How can we visit another part of the world without physically traveling?

In this exhibition, eleven international artist groups from Münster and Tokyo present their works/practices, which have emerged since July 2021 from the online workshop "Avatar mapping Münster - Tokyo". 

During the global pandemic, digital communication has freed us from the limitations of physical movement, yet it cannot fully replace physical presence and interaction. (Willimann/Arai)

Since my pair Micael and I both have common experiences what we have visited each other’s cities in the past, we drew up a map of the other’s city relying only on our memories. Based on that maps, we retraced the cities and updated each other’s memories. In this exhibition, In this exhibition, we brought back “souvenirs” on the way of exercise and we displayed in both spaces. Reproducing my partner’s souvenirs based on the video images was similar to the act of materializing memories.

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