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inHz 2023

June, 2023

Touch My Mumblings, Hug My Words, Kiss My Singing





"Touch My Mumblings, Hug My Words, Kiss My Singing" is a multi-layered sensory experience merging visual arts, performance and soundscapes. In search of a better understanding of ourselves and our cultural identity, we dive into the memories of our grandparents, but are caught in a tangled net of interweaved national histories, obscured by the murky waters of their personal experience. This project softly touches on the forms of these ghostly memories and examines how they manifest in the present. The performance and soundscape weaves various artworks within a personal fiction, presented in the format of a haunted house, tying polyphonic micro-narratives into a larger narrative of inherited memories and emancipation from the past. 

Photographs | ©Yumeka Kubota

Organised by:(O)Kamemochi

Performers - Sakura Obata 尾畑さくら, Naoyuki Sakai 酒井直之, and Eureka Toyoda ​​豊田 ゆり佳
Soundscape Artist - Leonid Zvolinsky

Director - Sun Kim
Producer - Alissa Osada-Phornsiri 

Assistant Producer - Guldiyar Dawut

Curators - Sun Kim, Chloe Paré, Finn Ryan Performance Director - Dan Dagondon
Performance Managers: Minano Hirano (平野みなの), Zhang Yiyi
Graphic Designer - Cléo Verstrepen
(Photography by Ching-Chuan Kuo 郭⻘泉)
Promotion/Press - Sun Kim, Alissa Osada-Phornsiri

Supported by: The Mutomai Fund for Music Creation, Education and Research 武藤舞 音楽環境創造教育研究助成金
Cooperation: Ibara City, Okayama Prefecture, Ueno-Sakuragi Denchu Hirakushi House and Atelier, NPO Taito Cultural and Historical Society, Arts management group ‘Yanaka no Okatte’ 岡山県井原市、上野桜木旧平櫛田中邸、NPO法人たいとう歴史都市研究会、一般社団法人谷中のおかって

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