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after yesterday



Exhibited at the group show "Sculpture with the House"


「自分は、自分ひとりだけでは、〈いま〉の自分だけに断ち切られてしまう。」(野矢茂樹 (2014) 『ここにないもの』中公文庫)


When I was little, I used to play with dolls alone. One day, I invited my brother into my play. As soon as he joined, the dolls began to fight and the story turned out to be unexpected. However, it can be said that the fantasy could not be proven its existence unless another person recognized it.

“I, on my own, am cut off to only the ‘now’.” (Shigeki Noya (2014) “What is not here”, Chuko Bunko)

Only others can prove my past, and in the same way, we are always floating in the ‘now’, with inheriting the past of others.

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